Snuggle up for winter

This month it’s all about retro and bright colours. Ralph Lauren’s newest collection ‘Polo’ for women is definitely aimed at the younger generations with its bold spectrum of primary colours, youthful designs and tight fitting garments. As ever, Lauren kept up with the newest styles with leather jackets, oversized rucksacks, biker jackets and flappy mini-skirts. Hunter brought unique display to the fashion week by transforming the catwalk into a water walk as models splashed their way down (not such a good idea to sit on the front row!). The models sashayed down in green knits with high necks, wet-weather ponchos, high heeled wellingtons, clutch bags and duffle coats. One of the highlights being the silver quilted puffa jackets and belted short macs. Hunter pulled off a fashionable yet practical display that anyone could look good in. Tommy Hilfiger indulged his audience to a trip to the slopes this Fashion Week with the snowy scene included a chalet, skis and pole propped up against the wall and a chair lift over heads as models weaved their way around the baby pines dotted along the runway. The opening looks consisted of sheepskin lined parkas and plaid cemented proceedings. In fact, check provided the baseline – from tartan wool cashmere sweater dresses (quite the mouthful!) to mohair pieces and silk shirting, it even appeared as accents on peacoats. Tommy Hilfiger kept up with his usual collections by aiming it youthful bold girls with those fun flippy tiered miniskirts paired with teddy fur bomber jackets which are jaunty looks that will appeal to twenty year olds all around the world.

Model is wearing ASOS Duffle
Model is wearing ASOS Duffle

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