Thanks to all my amazing friends

So because its the end of one year and the start of the next I really felt I needed to thank all my friends who helped me get through last year (which was a really tough year for me). So here are thank you’s to each of you – I hope I haven’t missed any of you out :’)

So I know I’ve done a shout out to my friend Rose in my other post today for y’all to go follow and read her blog – but I just want you all to know how amazing she has been to me. I’m probably going to repeat this about a million different times to each friend I write about on here but I honestly couldn’t have got through the year without your help. Today we spent a lovely day together which I wish we could do more often but with exams and all we don’t have the time. I think you know how much you mean to me because I have the chance to tell you all the time so I’m not going to write so much for you as for some of the others but I want you to know I really do appreciate all your help and I love you so much <3.

I would also like to thank my other best friends Joanna who doesn’t have a wordpress account but she is always supporting me and has really helped me get through the year. She reads every post I write and is always giving me advice on how to improve it. I really don’t know what I’d do without you Joanna – you’ve been a massive help from helping me come to terms with myself to helping me with all my problems and although we haven’t known each other for ages (2 years) I can honestly say you’re a friend for life. I really trust you which is very hard for me to do, so you are really special! I love you to bits and I am so proud to call you my best friend. ❤ oh I almost forgot – she does have tumblr but I’ve forgotten her name so I’ll give you another shout out soon jo 🙂

My final shout out is to Saarah who has been a real help this year from listening to me complain about my non-existent love life to helping me recover from some really hard times. We are buddies for life and I know you probably won’t read this but I want you to know what an absolute amazing person you are, you are like a rare gem – you are not always heard but you are so very precious. I remember in Year 7 you were literally as quiet as an mouse and now everyone knows you and looks up to you and it has been a real pleasure watching you gain that much confidence – that sounds so old and all but hey ho, I only get to do this once a year. So if you have twitter go follow her – @JanuzajIsMyBabe 🙂

Actually I’ve changed my mind, that’s not my final shout out. I want to thank my other friends, Maisie and Charlotte who aren’t so close to me but I know are always there for me and I love them to bits.

I also want to thank some other friends who I don’t know if they want their names on here so I won’t name them but they’ll know who they are. There are three friends that I didn’t know so well before this (academic) year but I am really close to them now. I know one of them is going through a really hard time at the moment and I want you to know that I’m here for you if you ever want to talk. Another friend I have to spend half an hour every day with (which is so hard!!) so I have really gotten to know them and now we are really close. My final friend is someone who I used to be really close to in year 7 and 8 but then because we were in other classes we weren’t so close in year 9. I honestly have no words to describe our friendship because she has stopped me from doing a load of really stupid things and she has actually saved my life twice now. She is an amazing friend and I don’t know where I’d be without her. I really hope we can both achieve our goal for 2015 together (I know we can do it :)).

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without all my amazing friends, I love you all so much. So Happy New Year guys,

Izzy xx

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