JumpFromPaper – the new and upcoming bag designer

Who here saw the dress? One of the most confusing pictures I have ever seen, but I hadn’t seen new and upcoming bag designer, JumpFromPaper. Not only do they look fabulous, but they also get your brain thinking, I mean what better way to warm up your mind – online shopping?! These 2d wonders look so amazing I thought someone had just doodled on a picture. But no. They are actual real bags!! Take a look for yourself, what do you see?

I think us girls should all get one and confuse the boys because, really? I still don’t understand how they work, they just look so cartoon-like. A let down though was when I went on to youtube to try to comprehend this mind blowing item and I found out that they were actually 2d. Still awesome but could you imagine if they were 3d – that really would be utterly amazing. Go check out their website below to see more 2d wonders.


Izzy 🙂

All together


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