Changing society’s standard of beauty one doll at a time.

Have you ever thought ‘I hate my hair’? Or ‘My skin tone looks odd’? Or maybe even ‘My nose is way to big for my face’? The list is endless. I know I’ve thought these, along with many more, the top one being ‘I look fat in this’. Which is, being totally honest with you, an absolute lie that my mind manages to conjur up. Being a size 10-12 is by no means ‘fat’, in fact its what I would call a healthy weight compared with those size zero models who we’re surrounded by. As teenagers we look for role models to follow; their styles, their success and they’re appearance. But by the media surrounding us with tiny, skinny models our perspective of what’s healthy is changing. This also applies to the constant photo shopping on models and celebs who achieve their ‘perfect’ look by being altered on a computer program (shout out to my bestie Joanna who absolutely rocks on Photoshop and is really against all of this).

I would like to introduce you all to my friend Angelica the doll. This doll is the newest (and first!!) doll by Naturally Perfect, their aim is to change perspective seen by young girls all around the world. Inspired by their daughters being sad about their appearance – their hair and their skin tone (which, by looking at them, I think they are gorgeous and are going to grow up to be stunning young women).

So…Β after that little rant, if you have children, or know someone who does.. get them this for a present. I know I would have loved this as a child and I know it would have changed my views on my own image.

Go share, go tweet, go like, go order even – do what the hell you want, just make sure everyone you know knows about this new revelation!


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