Pretty In Pink

Pastel is back. And with a mind of it’s own.

Forget the stereotypical saying, pink is for girls. It’s 2017 and the pastels are making a comeback.

This month I’ve been taking my fashion inspo from the creative and super fashionable ‘s new collection. And when I loaded the website earlier this week (in the midst of revising for my A level Maths and Further Maths mocks) my mouth formed a little ‘o’ and my heart beat a little faster. I mean, take a look for yourself…

One of my favourite pieces was the superhero crop top which would look A-MAZ-ING paired with a dusty pink skater skirt (Forever 21) paired with some knee high white socks and a pair of platform white sneakers. Work it, girl.


I was also very relieved to see that sportswear was also making a comeback. Now, it might occur to you that I am a sporty kinda girl. Quite the opposite actually. So let me explain. Every term there is a party at our local club where the girl’s school joins with the boys to party away the work and bring in the holidays. Of course, it was only fair that the boys chose the theme this time.

And guess what they chose? Yep you’re right.Sportswear.

Sportswear. In. A. Club. For. Valentine’s. Day.

It’s safe to say I wasn’t a very happy bunny.


However, according to Pretty Little Thing, Track is Back. So, I can sigh a little and relax.

My favourite piece out of the sportswear collection is the Matildee Satin Crop Hoodie, in the beautiful Truffle shade. Love love love it. Pair it with some skinny’s and white crisp trainers for some envy-worthy casual vibes!


Another favourite is the Julia Bandage Jumpsuit, in Nude, as worn by the one and only Kylie Jenner. (come on, we all knew I wasn’t going to make it through here without mentioning King Kylie, didn’t we?!) Pair it with a pink khaki bomber, also from PLT, some nude shoes by Topshop, £56, and maybe stretch your money for the lovely clutch by aerlin at £700! Stunning for a night out with your gals.


Finally, I’ve gotta mention the sexy yet comfy sports bra and knickers. When I saw it on Kylie’s Instagram I knew I had to grab my own pair. And I definitely made the right choice. They have overtaken my love of my vast collection of Victoria Secret lingerie and are currently in a battle with my Calvin Klein briefs for top spot.


But, enough of my favourite’s, what’s yours?? Let me know down below.




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