Match #1: Finances


I know, nobody wants to think about it… but it’s gotta be done. So let’s get on with it.


We all know New York is not the cheapest place to live (putting it lightly), so I really need to understand the cost of living there and be able to compare it with the UK.

According to the NYU website, the direct expenses (tuition fees and dorm rents) come to a whopping $68,128 (YIKES!!) and the indirect costs (books and supplies, local transport and personal expenses) add up to $3,662. This doesn’t even include flights home…. oh dear!

Does anyone know, if in America you have to pay the tuition fees upfront or if you can let it become a mountain of debt like in the UK?? Because that would make it more achievable. It would cost £13,751.65 without the tuition fees, but £53,038.54 with the fees.

NYC is looking a bit out of reach at the moment… sad times 😦


So, onto London. Lets hope this goes a little bit better.


Sooooo, this is apparently a LOT cheaper!! Not including fees (about £9,000/or if Corbyn gets in then £0 ~ lets keep our fingers crossed!) and trips home, UCL comes to £15,571.14 a year. That’s a lot better. Phew!

ESPECIALLY as the loan you can take out for UK students studying in London is £11,002. This looks a lot more achievable.


Accomadation £6,486

Leisure, personal items, books and equipment (assuming same as UCL) £4212

Travel £550 (this is just a total guess!!)

Food and household goods £2,340

Insurance (I don’t know what this is for?!) £64.74

So, drum roll please… it comes to a total of…. £13,652.74

In the end… St Andrews comes first (£13,652.74), closely followed by London (£15,571.14) and then way way way behind is New York (£13,751.65 without and £53,038.54 including the fees). What a surprise!!

Sorry I made this a bit toooo long, I don’t think anyone wants to read this much about financing and budgeting! Anyway, if I have any American visitors (do I?) please could you answer my question from the NYC part ~ it would be super helpful!

So if you have any requests for my university series, feel free to leave a comment! I think a happier one should be next ~ maybe nightlife??


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