Academic or the Dreamer?

Hey guys! Sorry about the major delay with posts ~ I’ve been stumbling my way through 15 GCSE’s! Now that I have them under my belt and a few terms into the academic year studying towards my chosen A-levels, I’ve suddenly been flown back three years to 14-year-old me.

14-year-old me had their heart set on making it big in the fashion industry, designing stunning dresses that awed audiences around the world. She had learnt to draw beautiful models draped in stunning silks through the click of the button. From trial and error, mixing up articles and the odd YouTube video, she taught herself to draw, much to her mother’s distaste, who thought that her academic subjects should be her one and only thought 24/7.

Fast forward a year, and she had started her GCSE’s. After loving all things creative, and breathing fashion for the last year, you’d think that one out of the vast number she was studying would be Art. But no, no such luck. Originally she had chosen to study Art, History and Media Fast Track; but after a lot (and I mean a lot a lot) of arguing with her stern mother she gave in. She swapped Art to Geography and continued with her life.

~[I have this motto (if that’s what you call them??) to never regret my choices and decisions and to live life to the full, but I think I will always regret not standing up for my passion.]~

Fast forward another year and she’s in Year 11, ready to sit these blasted exams and she is in the midst of a new love affair. With Maths. Yes, I know, that wretched subject everyone dreads. But to her it represented something she could actually do. Around her, she was surrounded with insanely clever and totally talented friends (as much as I love you guys, it can be quite annoying when you have your whole life planned out, mapped to the smallest detail). One of her friends is owner of the awesome blog and has her heart set on being a journalist, which I am without a doubt she will achieve. So you can imagine my excitement when I find a new talent myself (I say new, but other than Art, it’s my ONLY talent).

Now, another year has passed and I’m studying my A-levels ~ which I love love love by the way. Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics (basically as much Maths as possible). You’re probably doing that wide-eyed, mouth open, shocked expression thing now. Don’t worry, it’s most people’s reaction. And I few days before, I had my eyes set on a Maths University course (I had my doubts, though, I was very worried I wouldn’t be good enough, a fear that has plagued me all my life).

HOWEVER, this all changed with a Christmas gift from my Godmother. A book. ‘The Dress’ by Megan Hess showing the 100 most iconic moments in fashion and is scattered with fashion drawings. This small gift has rekindled my love affair with fashion design and has got me thinking. What if… What if me, a small town girl, could make it big? Or make it all?

I could do a Foundation Course at my local college, or even St Martins if I’m lucky, and if it wasn’t for me I could go back to Maths. It could be like a Gap Year. My dream has always been to live in New York and to design fashion.

In front of me, I have a plaque staring up; it says ‘”Hold on to your Dreams” The only way to catch your dreams is to chase them and never let them go’.

Do I chase my dreams? Do I take that risk?

After all, what’s life without a little risk?



(P.S. please leave any comments helping me decide, I need all the help I can get)




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